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Our services

We are your trustworthy and reliable partner to start and enhance your business in one of the fastest growing region in the world.

Experienced guidance and support for your business expansion into ASEAN.

In-depth knowledge of the business practices in South-East Asia.

Great network of highly qualified local professionals.

Business Expansion to ASEAN

Guiding your market entrance. Increasing your revenue and profit in ASEAN

Conducting market studies following your ideas and catering to your industry.

Developing a market entry strategy according to your specific requirements.

Supporting establishing a distributor network or your own Sales office.

Connecting you to potential distribution partners or direct accounts.

Proposing sales and pricing strategy.

“Hireanexpert” - guiding your first steps into ASEAN.


Taking over your sourcing assignments and selecting appropriate manufacturers with international quality standards.

Even in a globalised business world, sourcing in Asia has specific challenges, mostly fueled by different expectations from both sides. In our transparent and structured approach, our consultants emphasize communication to meet expectations on all levels.

The same applies to successful sourcing in Europe for Asian customers: We build a bridge for our Asian customers to understand the specifics of Europe’s markets so that their investment and business activities run smoothly and have the desired effect.

About us

Originally from Germany, Jörg-Michael Koch (BA in International Business Administration – University of Applied Science Pforzheim, Germany) has spent most of his professional life related to Asia and has been living in South-East Asia for nearly 20 years. He has been in various executive roles with German market leaders. He offers a vast expertise and experience doing business in South-East Asia, China and India. With the objective to coach Malaysian working in European Companies and to match European companies with potential Malaysian partners Jörg-Michael Koch has established Empire Business Link 2014 in Malaysia. Having moved back to his home country recently he is looking forward to sharing his in-depth knowledge about this region full of opportunities with you.

Contact Germany

Jörg-Michael Koch
Wettegasse 5
71706 Markgröningen

Phone: +49-178-932 4505

Contact Malaysia

Empire Business Link
Suite 21 F139
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maroof
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +60-12-218 3920